Surprising People / Organizations That Support Abortion

To some degree or other, the fol­low­ing peo­ple or groups sup­port abor­tion. While most of them don’t out­right sup­port abor­tion, they do con­tribute in some way to accept­ing abor­tion. The prob­lem, is that even those who call them­selves pro-choice, will say they are against abor­tion in some cir­cum­stances but they think it should be allowed. Well, if you believe in life at con­cep­tion, and that killing a baby is wrong, there is no jus­ti­fi­ca­tion. Excep­tions are merely a way of allow­ing babies to be killed in the name of com­pas­sion, but that makes no sense. After all, allow­ing abor­tion in some cases may have been a gate­way that helped allow it to become legal in almost all circumstances.

The Girl Scouts

While the girl scout orga­ni­za­tion insists they do not sup­port abor­tion or planned par­ent­hood (the nation’s largest abor­tion provider) they can only show that the orga­ni­za­tion does not have a national pol­icy of bla­tantly doing so, but all of the evi­dence shows that they do sup­port planned par­ent­hood and abortion.

Billy Gra­ham

Though he is called America’s pas­tor and he may have a lot of good things to say, he is also wrong on this issue, allow­ing excep­tions (rape and incest ) for abortion.

The Sal­va­tion Army

While their state­ment from the sal­va­tion army in the link below says that they only think abor­tion should hap­pen to pro­tect the life of the mother, they then go on to basi­cally say that if you pray about it, abor­tion is under­stand­able for cases of rape and incest. While I agree these are ter­ri­ble things, two wrongs don’t make a right, the baby didn’t com­mit the injus­tice and shouldn’t be killed for it.

Ann Coul­ter

A more harsh ver­sion of the same argu­ment about rape and incest.

Mitt Rom­ney

While the for­mer pres­i­den­tial can­di­date claimed to see the light and change his mind on abor­tion, the facts show that he is noth­ing more than a pan­derer or who flip flops on the issue depend­ing on who he is talk­ing to.

March of Dimes

While the March of Dimes does a lot to help chil­dren with birth defects, they also focus a sig­nif­i­cant amount on test­ing unborn chil­dren so that women preg­nant with chil­dren who have defects will abort them. They also have funded research that uses aborted baby parts. They also send money to Planned Par­ent­hood, and even if that money isn’t used for abor­tions, all money is fun­gi­ble which means it frees up other money to sup­port abortions.


The National Right to Life Com­mit­tee may not directly sup­port abor­tion but they do sup­port abor­tion because they ask for your time and money to help them stop abor­tion while they actu­ally stop leg­is­la­tion that would end abor­tion. They also sup­port pro-choice politicians

Should We Fear Trans Fats?

burger meal

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I finally got tired of hear­ing about the trans fats boogey­man and decided to find out the real story behind this dan­ger­ous food. So first, I had to find out exactly what is trans fat? Accord­ing to WebMD, trans fat is the fat cre­ated by mak­ing oils into solids, such as mar­garine. This is done by adding hydro­gen atoms, and is called hydro­gena­tion. The rea­son for this, is because it helps food last longer and keeps its taste longer.

It seems there have been a lot of stud­ies show­ing that trans fats clog your arter­ies, raise your bad cho­les­terol, and lower your good cho­les­terol. OK, so eat­ing a lot of trans fats really isn’t good for you. It seems that this point isn’t disputed.

I read one arti­cle that said, the argu­ment against ban­ning trans fats was that cook­ies shouldn’t last for­ever, and it is bet­ter to have fresh food any­way. This is a good point. How­ever, another good point is that we are not meant to live off of cook­ies. Instinc­tively most peo­ple will know that you can’t eat a box of cook­ies every­day and expect to be per­fectly healthy.

So, yes, it’s prob­a­bly bet­ter to avoid eat­ing too much trans fats. How­ever, the real ques­tion is, should they be banned? The answer really has to be a resound­ing no. The rea­son is twofold. First there is a mat­ter of free­dom. While the gen­eral pub­lic does things it should not, we can not pro­tect every­one from them­selves, and doing so only erodes the free­dom of everyone.

More impor­tantly, this is likely to be a never end­ing bat­tle. Before trans fats were bad, it was sat­u­rated fats that were bad. Now, sci­en­tists are say­ing sat­u­rated fats are bet­ter than trans fats. But will we go back to sat­u­rated fats? No, because they’re still labeled bad, even though not as bad as trans fats. So, some­thing else will prob­a­bly be invented which will likely even­tu­ally be found to be bad for you too. It’s just unlikely that sci­ence will make good tast­ing junk food that’s good for you. So, even­tu­ally junk food will prob­a­bly be banned.

Do we really want a soci­ety that will only let you eat healthy? Some peo­ple may think that hav­ing a healthy soci­ety will be cheaper and bet­ter. But there are always unfore­seen con­se­quences. Not just the loss of lib­erty, but likely the loss of food and not just junk food.

Participation Trophies May Not be Totally Evil

There has been a lot of talk lately about par­tic­i­pa­tion tro­phies, and how they are help­ing cause the down­fall of west­ern civ­i­liza­tion. Ok, I may be exag­ger­at­ing a lit­tle bit. If you don’t know what I’m talk­ing about, I’m refer­ring to the awards that are given to kids who par­tic­i­pate in sports for the sim­ple act of show­ing up. Glenn Beck has even called for par­ents to get together with their kids and destroy such tro­phies. Now, it would be easy and pop­u­lar to denounce Glenn Beck. How­ever, I agree with a lot of things he has to say because I am a con­ser­v­a­tive with con­ser­v­a­tive views. How­ever, this is one area (there are many more) where we depart.
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Why can’t we have socialized medicine?

You can argue whether the cur­rent health­care laws or health­care cri­sis as you may call it, may lead to sin­gle payer but the ques­tion is, should we even want this or any kind of social­ized med­i­cine? I’ll make three basic points against social­ized med­i­cine. Would it be legal? Do we need it? Is it afford­able both in finan­cial and other costs?

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